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FFS applies the economic analysis experience and expertise of its professionals to assist clients involved with litigation, arbitration, and other controversy related situations͘ In these controversy analyses; we apply the same independent perspective, professional standards, and dedication to client service that we apply in our transactional analysis͘.

Transactional & Financing Analysis

Transactional & Financing Anaylsis

For over three decades, our professionals have served clients in virtually every industry͘ We perform economic analysis services for clients ranging in size from substantial family-owned businesses and professional practices to Fortune 100 corporations and international professional service firms.

Litigation Support & Controversy Services

Litigation Support & Controversy

FFS serves clients involved in major litigation related to:

  • breach of contract and commercial damages 

  • federal and international income taxation,

  • federal gift and estate taxation

  • Infringement and deprivation

  • bankruptcy and reorganization

  • lender liability, fraudulent conveyance

  • reasonableness of compensation

  • dissipation of corporate assets

  • shareholder disputes and statutory shareholder

  • appraisal rights

  • fraud and misrepresentation

  • wrongful death and personal injury

  • business interruption and insurance claims

  • contract termination

We have provided dispute support services for many of the largest law firms in the country, for insurance companies, for agencies of the federal government, and for state and local governments͘.

Economic Analysis

Economic Analysis

Controversy Services

The FFS Litigation Support Practice provides economic analysis, forensic accounting and forensic economic analysis, litigation support consulting, and expert testimony to clients involved in arbitration, litigation, and other disputes͘

The controversy consulting services provided by our FFS include:

  • assessment of alternative litigation theories and strategies

  • critique of opposing expert analyses and reports

  • review of opposing expert publications and credentials

  • research of relevant professional standards and industry practices

  • research of relevant economic, capital market, and industry data

  • review of relevant professional literature

  • assistance to counsel with discovery requests and responses

  • assistance to counsel with discovery requests and responses

  • counsel preparation for deposition and trial cross examination

  • witnesses preparation for deposition, trial testimony and cross examination

  • preparation of trial exhibits

  • preparation of expert opinions, affidavits, and reports

  • quantitative analysis of alternative damage theories

Our professionals provide expert witness testimony, both as part of the client's case in chief and rebuttal case͘ In addition, they have been accepted as experts in state and local courts and tribunals; in the U͘S͘ Tax Court, the U͘S͘ Bankruptcy Court, the U͘S͘ District Court, and the Court of Federal Claims; and in various international courts and tribunals͘.



Controversy Services Deprivation Disputes


Our team identifies and quantifies the amount of economic damages that an aggrieved party has suffered͘. The aggrieved party may be compensated for the deprivation by the return of the asset, property, or business interest; by the receipt of a single damage award; or by the retribution of monetary damage payments͘

We have extensive experience quantifying economic damages related to the following types of deprivation disputes:

  • expropriation of a business by a foreign government

  • squeeze out merger of minority stockholders

  • wrongful termination of employment or other commercial relationship

  • breach of contract or joint venture/partnership agreement

  •  failure to award or renew a license, permit, certificate, franchise

  • intellectual property infringement

  • tortuous property damages

  • fraud and misrepresentation

Controversy Services Deprivation Disputes


There are numerous taxation provisions that relate to the value of businesses and business interests,

investment securities, and real and personal properties These provisions include federal income, gift, and estate taxation.


FFS routinely values various types of personality property for taxation planning, compliance, audit

support, and litigation purposes. These valuation services include the preparation of valuation reports, rebuttal reports, audit support and negotiation, pre-trial litigation support, and expert witness testimony͘.

Our professionals have valued a variety of property types, including:

  • closely held businesses and securities

  • family limited partnership ownership interests

  • restricted securities of public corporations

  • going concern tangible and intangible operating assets

  • income producing real estate

  • intangible assets and intellectual properties

In addition, we have the capabilities to perform valuations for the following taxation purposes:

  • charitable contribution and abandonment loss

  • intergenerational wealth and property transfers

  • estate planning and estate tax compliance

  • inter-company interest expense allocation

  • intercompany allocations of debt and equity

  • depreciation and amortization deduction

  • asset and property basis

  • business solvency and insolvency

  • reasonableness of employee/owner compensation

Valuation Controversy Services Other Disputes

Valuation Controversy Services Other Disputes

FFS’s Litigation Support Practice has been involved in a wide variety of valuation related disputes͘. As a result, both federal and state courts have relied upon the expert testimony of FFS professionals.

Our valuation experts have provided consulting and expert testimony services in the following types of litigation:

  • securities fraud

  • embezzlement

  • violation of federal securities law

  • fraud and misrepresentation related to business sale

  • lender liability

  • family law and marital dissolution

  • antitrust, monopoly, and other anticompetitive practices

  • bankruptcy and reorganization

  • wrongful death and personal injury

  • diversion or dissipation of corporate assets   

  • breach of contract

  • breach of fiduciary obligation

  • discrimination and other labor law disputes

Financial Advisory Controversy Services Transactions

Financial Advisory Controversy Services Transactions

When merger and acquisition, joint venture, partnership formation, initial public offering, or other capital market transactions are unsuccessful, litigation often ensues͘. Our professionals serve as consultants to legal counsel and as expert witnesses in securities, employee buyout, sale contract dispute, and other transaction-related controversies͘
Our advice is based on our real world experience in business transactions, private placement of debt and equity securities, negotiation of merger and acquisition agreement terms and conditions, and capital market transaction due diligence͘

Our Litigation Support Practice provides litigation support and expert testimony services in the following types of disputes:

  • breach of fiduciary obligation in transactional analysis

  • pre-transaction due diligence procedures

  • purchase price adjustments related to post-deal due diligence

  • fraud and misrepresentation in mergers and acquisitions

  • financial advisor gross negligence claims

  • adequacy of financial advisor's due diligence   breach of liter of intent or other deal agreements

  • breach of non-compete, employment agreement, or other deal condition

The FFS team is comprised of individuals with the following credentials:​

  • Certified Public Accountant (CPA)    

  • Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE)

  • Accredited in Business Valuation (ABV)

  • American Society of Appraisers (ASA)

  • Certified Business Appraiser (CBA)

  • Certified in Financial Forensics (CFF)

  • Fellow of the American College of Forensic

  • Examiners Institute (FACFEI)

  • Attorney At Law (JD)

  • Doctor of Finance & Accounting (PH.D)

Nurse Practitioner Expert

Nurse Practiotioner Expert
  •  Has superior Credentials for establishing credibility

  • Is available nationwide

  • Provides Expertise in many medical specialties

  • Define applicable standards of care for nurses and nurse practitioners

  • Review medical records, depositions, and applicable literature

  • Objectively evaluate if the nursing and nurse practitioner standards of care were met

  • Educate attorneys on medical facts and issues relating to a case

  • Prepare written reports regarding standard of care

  • Provide testimony at depositions and trials

Investigative Due Diligence

Investigative Due Diligence

As the dynamic corporate compliance environment continues to evolve, regulators' expectations increase and leave companies  with challenges that existing sources cannot meet.  

Our team of experts assists companies with:

  • Matters of third party risk management

  • Money laundering measures

  • Executive integrity assesments

  • Internal investigations

  • Traditional compliance progam support

  • Provide clients with relevant, actionable information which is key for sound decision making and defensible vetting of third parties in the face of regulatory scrutiny. 

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